Innovation takes practice, a focus on the fundamentals and creativity. It takes attention to detail and a passion for turning great ideas into products that consumers want.

Great innovators make it look easy, almost magical. But into every breakthrough innovation goes immense time, discipline, and analytics. That’s where we come in.

Nielsen and its strategic partners are backed by 30 years of experience developing, optimizing and validating product campaigns. In that time, we’ve evolved an end-to-end innovation process that begins by taking a step back and asking, what do people really want?

It might seem like a simple question, but the truth is, consumers often don’t know themselves. We can help identify what consumers say they need as well as the needs they haven’t articulated yet. That’s where the real market opportunities are.

But it’s not only about making things. You also need to package, distribute and figure out how to market to the people who will benefit most. And timing is critical; even the best winter coat probably won’t sell in the summertime, but a slight schedule adjustment could make the difference between a tepid launch and gangbuster sales.

Finally, a road map for expanding your product offerings that anticipates consumers’ future needs will ensure you’re a few moves ahead of the competition. We can help evolve your strategies so they’ll work as well tomorrow as they do today.

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