Game Of Tweets

Game Of Tweets


Australian followers of Game of Thrones season six have been all but quiet on the Westeros front. However, they have taken to their digital devices to express their fear of the dead, share their house alliances and love for dragons. It was an explosive and captivating season with two-thirds of Tweets about the series coming from mobile devices.

At the close of season six, Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings measured a total of 82 thousand Tweets relating to the show – close to double the Tweets during season five. (SPOILER ALERT!) The most trending moments were Arya Stark’s revenge on Walder Frey in the finale, Jon and Sansa killing Ramsay Bolton in episode nine and the meaning of Bran’s loyal companion Hodor’s name in episode five.

The most social episode of season six was the finale, which saw 15.6 thousand Tweets. Nine-in-ten of these Tweets were live during show airtime. 

House Stark won the battle of most popular characters – Jon Snow being the most mentioned character, followed by Sansa Stark and Arya Stark.