Great Campaigns Transform Businesses

Great Campaigns Transform Businesses


What is it that makes an advertising campaign effective? We put 100 high-performing campaigns, submitted as New Zealand Effie Award entries, under the spotlight to find out.

Plan for effectiveness

Successful marketers and their agencies have a clear idea of what success looks like from the outset. Their campaigns have clearly stated objectives and they have measured success against those objectives. Successful entrants thoroughly understood the business problem at hand and developed a clear, innovative solution.

And when it comes to objectives, less is more. The most effective marketing campaigns had one or two objectives and the majority had less than three.

A range of campaign objective types across entries were used, but those with measureable outcomes such as sales and behaviour change, fared better than entries with objectives around brand launch and engagement.

Research leads to insight

All the top performers used research and insights – as an integral part of the planning process, to inform decision making across the campaign elements and to support post event evaluation. They seek out that gem of an insight that evolves, forming a human truth that is the essence of a creative idea or which can be used to disrupt the autopilot behaviour of consumers.

Right choice of media

The number of communication touch points across finalists and the medal winners didn’t make a difference. Campaign effectiveness is about understanding who you are trying to reach, choosing the most suitable channels for your audience and then targeting your resources across these channels. Digital has become the norm, nearly all finalists used it in their campaigns. Effective campaigns were also more likely to use traditional media, newspapers, TV and radio. Pick your media hero and bring in the helpers!

Collaboration is key

Where the advertiser client has driven the project, and been heavily involved with both their research and advertising agency in every stage of the process, they consistently come out on top. It’s this trinity, a genuine partnership, where the magic happens.

The common themes driving success are what marketers might already know. But in looking at the entries and results, they’re not always put into practice!  We live in an increasingly data rational and measurement focused world, and marketers and their advertising agencies are under constant pressure to prove their value and deliver even better business results. So if it’s what you already know, ask yourself, are you acting on it?

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Great Campaigns Transform Businesses

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