Australia Radio Gone Hi-Tech Report

Australia Radio Gone Hi-Tech Report


Australian commercial radio listeners are also big technology enthusiasts. Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) and Commercial Radio Australia research reveals that 30% of commercial radio listeners identify as Tech Lovers – a group that prides itself in trying, adopting and embracing new technology. And a further 26% – while not quite as hard core – are still considered to be Tech Savvy.

Tech Lovers (30%): Love tech, love to spend

Tech Lovers are a social bunch – love a good night out, consider themselves to be trendsetters and are always looking out for the latest in gadgets and new experiences. They have a higher skew toward being young and male, describe themselves as being affluent, ‘prefer the finer things’ and are willing to spend more on goods and services. The quality of a product and its associated brand image is more important to them than price.

These consumers are considerably more engaged with radio than other segments. As a group they are more likely to: trust radio ads being read by radio personalities; find radio ads entertaining; and view radio as an essential part of their day.

Tech Savvy (26%): Well-informed, big technology users

Tech Savvy consumers believe it is very important to be well-informed about things and are more likely to be influenced by word-of-mouth when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Despite having the heaviest representation of people aged 40-54, the Tech Savvy group consider themselves to be young at heart.

The Tech Savvy consumer uses commercial radio as a way to keep up-to-date with local news and information. They prefer content that educates and informs, and use radio as a way to relax and unwind.

Tech Neutral (44%): Function over fancy

Tech Neutral consumers have the highest representation of people aged 55+ and retirees. When it comes to purchasing, they are price-conscious and more likely to stick to what they already know and trust. They also believe it is important to live within their means.

These consumers are a little less engaged with commercial radio than the other groups, but listen out for pricing information is ads as well as local information and news.

Commercial radio reaches all three groups most effectively across Breakfast, Morning, Afternoon and Drivetime sessions. Advertisers can connect with consumers throughout their typical shopping day, providing the information they need to make the right purchase at the right time.

Joan Warner, Chief Executive Officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia, said the report shows radio is an important channel for launching new consumer tech products, from smart speakers to laptops and game consoles.

“Tech Lovers love being the first to hear about new products and 45% say they often talk about what they hear on radio. The immediacy and live nature of radio make it an ideal medium to utilise to create excitement and buzz about tech products,” she said.  


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Australia Radio Gone Hi-Tech Report

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