Media Planning

Having in-depth consumer insight is critical for effective media planning. Volatility in the consumer landscape challenges media owners, advertisers and agencies to find better ways of understanding and communicating with consumers.


By fusing consumer insights with media currency data we offer clients a comprehensive, 360 degree view of the consumer across all areas of daily life. Using this information, we can help you understand your consumers better than ever before –including what motivates them, how they interact with different media and how best to communicate with them about key brands.

We can tell you exactly what websites your consumers are visiting, the television programmes they’re watching, what they’re reading or listening to–all of which can be built into your communication strategies and plans.


We use a syndicated multi-media dataset that incorporates information collected from a large and nationally representative sample that is weighted to the total population.

Our unique solution combines consumer insights and media currency data in the same place, enabling consistency between strategy, planning and, ultimately, media buying.

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