NIELSEN business effectiveness solution

Created with Retailers, for Retailers!

Decode your big data for growth

Get fast, daily, and actionable retail insights using a cloud-based, flexible, and agile platform accessible anytime, anywhere.

Managing big data is a mammoth task. Retailers must convert the extensive BIG data they collect into SMART data so they can better manage decisions on a daily basis.

Understanding this data is critical as retail margins are under extreme pressures, such as:

  • Fierce competition
  • Rise of e-commerce
  • Increasing operational costs, such as rent, utilities, and salaries

How can business leaders maintain and grow their business in such a challenging environment?

If your business isn’t using big data to win, you’re already losing. Make sure your big data works for you!

Our BUSINESS EFFECTIVENESS SOLUTION (BES) makes managing big data simpler. BES is created specifically for retailers with their inputs, streamlining diverse processes and segmenting data effectively to cover:

  • Sales and Promotion: From pricing analysis, to promotion and loyalty card effectiveness, make fast decisions on pricing or promotional changes.
  • Product: Conduct assortment analysis, optimization by store/category/product, shelf management, etc. to drive sales.
  • People: Use analysis of personnel, terminal, and supplier management to reduce terminal traffic and queues.

Plug-in & Play

BES is quick to install and provides faster access to data via visual dashboards. The users receive daily reports via an interactive, instant-response platform, and can select from over 40 ready reports to suit their functional needs. 

Reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet, mobile and are available in over 10 languages. 

What’s more, with a single subscription, you can provide access to an unlimited number of users, making it a cost effective solution. There’s no additional cost involved in development, training, support and server space to deploy this solution.

For more information and a demo, please share your contact details with us below.

For more information and a demo, please share your contact details with us below.