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Access Nielsen’s latest and most prominent off-the-shelf insights reports across consumer hot topics for brand strategy, customer experience excellence, and go-to-market analysis.

Our annual and ad-hoc reports are developed based on the interest of FMCG, consumer discretionaries, retail, e-commerce, financial services, government and all other organizations who want to get an overview of the consumer landscape, understand driving trends, and evaluate the impact on their business and brand. 

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Syndicated report on the impact of COVID-19 across global markets to help brands understand how consumer sentiments, purchasing behavior and lifestyle have changed. The report explores both short and long-term impact, and covers all aspects of consumer lifestyles and categories including travel, insurance, medical products, consumer goods, out-of-home, entertainment and more. 

Have a change of plans because of the COVID-19 outbreak and need to make an urgent decision with limited data to start? Want to get consumers’ perspective on a concept / campaign / brand but don’t want to do a full study? Nielsen’s Quick Dip will poll 10 questions with general consumers and give you answers in just 5 days! Contact Nielsen to submit your questions today.

Nielsen’s Premiere 2019 Share of Throat report is an annual study that uncovers beverage consumer insights in Singapore. Covering a wide range of beverage sub-categories, it provides a comprehensive view of trends and drivers, in-depth analysis of changing attitudes towards healthy eating and drinking, and other insights critical for devising brand and go-to-market strategies in the category, so you can take immediate actions to optimise your market presence.

In today’s connected world, mobile presents an entirely different consumer and shopper universe. With Digitrack, subscribe to ongoing and live tracking of what local consumers click, scroll through, and view on their mobile devices. Integrating passive metering technology and mobile surveys, you can unlock new touch points, streamline your target user journey across offline and online channels, plan your content strategy, and focus your investment on what matters most.

Get equipped to thrive in this current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, & Ambiguous) World. Unveil the Market’s Adoption & Readiness for Disruptive Innovation, New Product Introduction & Behavioural Change. Gain an understanding on what and how the Connected Consumers think and do, and how to target them effectively.

Singaporeans lead some of the busiest lifestyles in the world, but the weekend is the key period within the week when they unwind, go out, and spend. With live tracking, this report helps you understand where Singaporeans are spending during this critical period across the island, trends on where different consumer profiles cluster, so you can define how your products, stores, and communications can be positioned to generate the strongest impact.


Gain a comprehensive view of grocery retail trends in Singapore, understand banner equity tracking and receive an in-depth analysis of changing shopping patterns, attitudes and behaviour which relates to your brand.

Access insights on infant feeding and maternal supplements through our bi-annual 14th edition of Nielsen’s Baby Power Report 2020. Through interviews with both mums and dads and by integrating Price and Promotion analytics, you will gain a comprehensive view of formula milk trends, in-depth analysis of changing attitudes, and shopper insights that can help you devise brand and communication strategies.

The E-commerce report extends from our global annual Shopper Trends report to deep dive into the online shopper as a whole new segment of its own with different buying patterns, decision-making criteria, basket profiles, and spending behavior from the traditional offline shopper. We deep dive into 15 categories to inform brands’ e-commerce strategy and what they need to do differently from the traditional shopper environment to attract the online shopper and generate loyalty.

Singapore has one of the highest proportions of expat population in the world, and tourism spend on shopping, eating, entertainment and others also total into the billions each year. Yet, these two segments are relatively untapped. As two segments with high purchasing power but significantly different profiles from local residents, this report will uncover insights into their shopper behavior, mindsets, and preferences so brands may unlock previously inaccessible opportunities. 

Holiday seasons – particularly Chinese New Year, Christmas, and Hari Raya in Singapore – are critical periods when the intention to spend is high, and brands compete to capture a large share of the pie. This report will explore shopper insights to help brands run successful events and campaigns.

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