Shopper Lab (Shopper Testing Environment)

What we measure

Nielsen’s simulated retail store–the ShopperLab—is the first of its kind in Australia. It uses cutting-edge surveillance technology, to measure and observe every aspect of shopper activity in a virtual, fully trackable and confidential environment.

We capture and analyse every aspect of shopper interaction to provide a truly holistic view of the shopper that human observation alone cannot achieve:

  • DO: Determine how shoppers segment and select your category to help drive ranging, planogramming and new product development discussions.
  • ACT: Identify how consumers will act in store to get your product in their baskets.
  • THINK: Nielsen leverages cognitive research to maximise conversion from intent to purchase.
  • SEE: Identify how shoppers ‘read’ the shelf and how your packaging, planogram and point-of-sale can be optimised to capture the maximum number of shopper eyes.
  • FEEL: Nielsen Neuro shopper research can help you read your shoppers’ minds and determine what triggers their desire to buy.

How we do it

Our fully functioning store can be tailored for any category sold in a bricks and mortar store. It has real shelves and displays that are fully stocked and ready for shoppers to walk through and interact with products, in the same way they do on their actual shopping trips.

This environment allows us to conduct observations, interviews, eye-tracking and neuroscience testing. All of these elements are then combined to give a multidimensional view of the shopper framework. In addition to our real store setup and state-of-the-art virtual technologies enable us to expose shoppers to concepts that are still just ideas and assess which will deliver the sales impact you want.

All research conducted in the lab is recorded on a series of surveillance cameras, enabling playback and presentation of the shopper experience.

We can deliver unmatched shopper intelligence to help you win, by moving more products from the shelf to the shopping basket. We provide marketers, sales directors, category managers and store designers a cost-effective, fast and flexible solution to securely test concepts without affecting a working retail store.

Our unique and powerful insights will help you make smarter decisions when it comes to ranging, planogramming, point-of-sale materials, packaging, new product development and consumer segmentation.