How to Make Every Pound of TV Ad Spend Count – in Real Time

How to Make Every Pound of TV Ad Spend Count – in Real Time

According to a recent analysis by Nielsen, 70 percent of all TV ad spend today is wasted.  While ten years ago channels to market were limited and largely understood, fast-forward and the landscape is almost unrecognisable. A whole new universe of influencers now impacts audience engagement and advertisers are struggling to keep up.

Today’s audiences are more distracted, more efficient and more social. 80% are multi-tasking, using tablets simultaneously while watching TV. 55% also buy physical products with their devices at home or on the move. They are social networking, instant messaging, emailing, texting, shopping, watching videos, playing on apps and dating online at home or on the go. Half of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up. A third do so before they even get out of bed.

So what has this rapidly changing landscape meant for advertisers? On the one hand there are now millions of new opportunities available to make an impression. On the other there are also many more chances to get lost in the crowd. It’s therefore crucial that brands look for ways to optimise the performance of their TV ads to ensure every pound of investment counts.  But how can you ensure you make your ad stand out in this increasingly distracted and unfocused market?

Here are five ways you can improve TV ad performance today: 

1.Identify the right creative for your brand

The most impactful ads are simple. They tell a story, use humour, are relatable to viewers and have synergy in their message. But be warned, humour in TV ads can be highly polarising. Humour tends to boost the memorability and appeal of ads overall, but only when the humour is ‘smart’ rather than slapstick or immature.

2.Increase your TV ad spend efficiency

Understand how TV ad length impacts performance.

3.Know your position against the competition

Your brand doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Knowing what your competition is up to can make a big difference to ad performance. A study was recently conducted between two brands that looked at story memorability and brand retention. When the second brand launched, the first’s brand retention weakened. Why? The first brand was greatly outspent by the second and it featured a similar creative style, which drove the decrease in brand retention.

4.Know the effect of the media environment

Any old show won’t do. When viewers are more engaged with a programme, they are more likely to remember the ads airing within it.

5.Optimise your ad in real time

With 70% of TV ad spend wasted, advertisers need to focus on increasing resonance to drive brand and message impact. At Nielsen, we can tell you early on how your add will likely perform throughout its flight. As a result, we can make recommendations on ad rotation to optimise ad performance in real time. Adding more brand cues will also prevent misattribution to competitor adverts.

If you would like to learn more about how Nielsen can help you make the most of your TV advertising spend, contact Emily Goldman