Brands are at risk of losing the Woman of Tomorrow

Brands are at risk of losing the Woman of Tomorrow

This report is focused on the female shopper in the UK. It has been created for International Women’s Day by Women In Nielsen, an employee resource group within our UK business supporting diversity and inclusion.

Women dominate FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good) shopping, accounting for 70% of spend and 65% of trips. They therefore have a big influence on FMCG shopping behaviour overall. By age 67, a female has completed a whopping 10,000 shopping trips.

Women buy 56% of books, but only account for 50% of spend. They are buying cheaper books on average than men. However younger women buy the most expensive books of all female age groups.

Our report showcases young women, aged 16 to 34 (they could be referred to as the younger millennials and the oldest Generation Z), as in the next 10-20 years they will become the shoppers with the most income to spend. Young women are increasingly retailer-promiscuous when grocery shopping. More and more, they are found in stores that primarily have a low-price reputation. However, they are willing to pay well for items they consider essential in their lives.

The report covers:

• Why females – and young women shoppers in particular – are so important. Including:

  • Significant changes in their shopping behaviour, compared to previous generations at the same age.
  • The Ehrenberg Bass report on “Are Younger Shoppers Easier to Win?
  • Whether they consider private label ‘good enough’, or ‘even better’ and ‘cheaper’.

• Where to best reach young women:

  • Interesting facts about the online world, including the top women’s website genres.
  • Whether TV is a hit or miss when it comes to remembering programmes, adverts and brands, and how this differs between men and women, and across the generations?

• Seven actions for brands to reach and appeal to young women to grow future sales.

Brands will need to embrace young women, in order to increase sales in the next two decades. If they choose not to, then they are at risk of losing the women of tomorrow!


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Brands are at risk of losing the Woman of Tomorrow

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