Marketing Mix Modeling

Put Your Marketing Dollars Where They’ll Do the Most Good

We can learn a lot from history. And when it comes to navigating the challenges associated with balancing where and how to spend, sometimes it’s good to take a look back before moving forward.

What We Measure

Marketing mix modeling looks at the historical relationships between marketing spending and business performance in order to help you determine your business drivers and how much you should spend—along with the best allocation across products, markets, and marketing programmes.

Our marketing mix solutions measure the efficiency and return on investment (ROI) for every type of marketing spend on every product in every market. No two markets are the same, and our global insights into even the slightest variances can help you optimise your spending in every corner of the world.

How We Do It

When we look at past spending and business performance, we can show you what’s worked and what hasn’t. We can then show you how to reset and reallocate your marketing budget to achieve maximum ROI.

We start by collecting and combining data on marketing spend and sales performance from Nielsen, advertising and promotion agencies, and other companies. We then build advanced economic-focused statistical models that connect your marketing spend to business performance. Nielsen consultants with deep technical and business expertise then interpret the output of these models that drive user-friendly software to give you key insight into how to improve the performance of your spend. By tapping into this software, you’ll be able to answer “what if” questions about the likely results of future spending changes and “what’s best” questions about the optimal way to set and allocate marketing budgets.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your marketing spend in one market or several, we have experience across Europe. To tie together the various analytical techniques in use across your business (even when there are varying levels of data availability, quality and granularity), Nielsen’s marketing mix solutions provide harmonized data that maintains global consistency and comparability across markets, brands and business issues.

We’re continually advancing with state-of-the-art initiatives in partnership with industry leaders and leading consumer product goods marketers. We offer the most accurate and sophisticated modeling, and our simulation and optimisation tools consistently set the standard in the industry. Invest with confidence knowing that Nielsen’s mix models, combined with precision tools, will drive more profitable media and promotion decisions.