There’s a science to making your marketing work harder.

It begins with smart data.

Our marketing cloud gives you access to a universe of Nielsen audience data. We help you understand your customers at a level no one else can match. But it doesn’t stop there. Using built-in analytics and Nielsen Artificial Intelligence (AI), our cloud is constantly evaluating the success of your marketing and making adjustments in real-time. The result? Every step of your marketing process gets smarter and more effective.

Our fully-integrated platform enables you to manage every phase of the marketing process in a single place—from media planning and activation to data management and attribution.

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Nielsen Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an adaptive learning technology—built into the Nielsen Marketing Cloud—that enables marketers to instantly act on changes in audience behavior to improve marketing relevance and results.


Nielsen Marketing Cloud houses a variety of fully-integrated marketing applications that can be used on their own or together to fuel more efficient, higher impact marketing.


In an ever-complex digital ecosystem, the need to know your consumers and understand which tactics drive sales has never been higher.

Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s advanced measurement and profiling capabilities offer clients unique solutions spanning multiple use cases, such as; real time campaign optimisation, market research, brand uplift measurement and actual ROI measurement.


Our brand lift surveys measure the impact of your digital campaigns at scale. With our brand lift surveys, which you can enhance by adding additional questions, you gain a measure of favorability, impact perception and recall of your digital campaigns. You can also field surveys to specific demographic segments to gain in-depth insights from specific user profiles of both current and potential customers.



Nielsen Marketing Cloud offers bespoke visual quizzes that allow you to build custom first-party data. You can personalise your market research to meet your specific requirements.

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Nielsen Sales Effect empowers clients to measure advertising effectiveness based on actual sales. Sales Effect connects media exposure data with 90% of credit card transactions in the UK. By comparing changes in purchase behaviour between exposed and control group, clients can measure actual ROI. From there, clients can identify the best prospects, how to reach them and drive more revenue.


We are pleased to share that Nielsen was named a Strong Performer in Forrester’s 2019 assessment of the top data management (DMP) vendors in the market.  

In Forrester’s summary of the results, Nielsen was recognized for unique proprietary data assets, including Nielsen’s panel, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and vertical purchase-based data. Nielsen was also recognized for our investment with media effectiveness and media measurement products, solid user identity resolution, data segmentation and data analysis capabilities, strong technology and our customer success teams.  According to Forrester, Nielsen is best suited “for consumer packaged goods (CPG), retailers, automotive manufacturers, and media owners who can best leverage the vendor’s ability to be a data partner in their quest for measuring media effectiveness.”

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This award illustrates how the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP), a core Nielsen Marketing Cloud application, delivers results for major brands around the world. This U.K. campaign earned Carling an impressive 4.1x ROI.

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