Today’s program content is viewed on more than just television sets but also via the Internet in-home and out-of-home, live and time-shifted, free and paid, rebroadcast and original programs.

Nielsen provides advanced measurement solutions, rich demographic data and deep behavioral insights that help clients understand how consumers engage with media within and across all the platforms they use—TV and online.


We measure TV viewing using Nielsen’s Peoplemeter technology to electronically capture all viewing from our nationally projectable sample of panelists.

Nielsen representative panels of Internet users provide browsing and streaming metrics for online users. Using census-based measurement, we provide in-depth tracking and analysis of site performance as well as information about audience consumption of, and engagement with, streaming media.

Finally, through single-source panels along with modeled databases, we measure how consumers engage with multiple media platforms.


Nielsen Cross-Platform Homes provides single-source cross-media measurement, which supplies innovative data from the only dataset to measure TV and Internet. Nielsen currently uses this data to measure the online contribution to television ratings.

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