The average company loses 10% of its customers each year. Moreover, acquiring new customers can cost a business up to five times the amount it costs to retain existing ones. With a hyper-competitive consumer landscape, companies are looking for greater precision, understanding and control in ensuring they are suitably equipped to meet the increasing demands and expectations of their customers.

The Nielsen Customer Experience solution is a full-fledged, omni channel and end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CEM) framework designed to: 

  • Ensure the Customer Experience (CX) is designed to deliver on the brand promise and meets customers’ expectations
  • Consistently and systematically measure the CX delivery on key touchpoints and act on the voice of the customer (NPS, satisfaction, complaints) in real-time.
  • Enable businesses to convert customer insights into concrete operational improvements and generate analytics that drive business outcomes (e.g. retention)    
By merging an omni channel and real-time CEM software platform, based on a unique Alliance with ResponseTek, with advanced analytics and key business insights,  Nielsen Customer Experience (NCX) enables organisations to manage performance at an individual consumer level and for all touch points, channels and for both offline and online. For the first time, businesses can link attitudes on customer experiences with actual purchase behaviour and actionable analytics (e.g. churn prediction models) – transforming static CEM reporting into business improvement that strengthens customer relationships and drives improved commercial results.

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