Are you truly reaching the right audience?

That’s what you need to know when evaluating your campaign’s effectiveness with audiences across media platforms. Our comprehensive and industry advancing solutions help advertisers, publishers and agencies understand who and how many are exposed to a campaign using metrics comparable across TV, online and other media. With these insights, you can more accurately determine if your advertising is meeting the mark and make in-flight adjustments or optimise for the next wave.


We measure campaign effectiveness against your primary marketing objective, and our insights are backed by industry-leading quality and precision, so you’re getting information you can trust.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings™ provides you with the metrics you need to understand who a campaign reached online. By combining aggregated, anonymous demographic information from participating online data providers with high-quality Nielsen Cross-Platform Homes Panel data, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings delivers several advancements critical to improving transparency, efficacy and consistency in your online advertising campaign. TV-comparable metrics such as reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) enable consistent cross-screen measurement and evaluation. Nielsen Total Ad Ratings™ takes this one step further by measuring the reach of a campaign across TV and online, revealing who saw an ad online, who saw it on TV and who saw it both places—allowing for strategic duplication and incremental reach.

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How We Do It

The advertising industry needs accurate, consistent measures of who sees advertising campaigns on TV, digital and across both to understand the true impact and elevate return on investment.

We pioneered TV audience measurement and continue to provide industry-leading insight into what people are watching.

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