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Supplier Diversity Spotlight


Mary Cunningham, CEO

Q. How long have you been in business with Nielsen?

A. CRG Global, Inc. has been in business with Nielsen for 24 years.

Q. Provide a brief description of the primary service(s) your company provides to Nielsen.

A. CRG Global, Inc. is a full-service data collection agency. We pride ourselves in assisting Nielsen with its data collection needs within our facilities located throughout the United States. In addition to recruitment and data collection, our corporate project management team provides quota oversight on a weekly basis.

Q. What are some of the non-monetary benefits of working with our company?

A. Working with Nielsen the past 24 years has been an excellent opportunity for us as a full service research solutions provider. When speaking about the non-tangible benefits of this partnership, we always recognize the leadership position Nielsen has globally in the research industry. This association has elevated our company’s exposure to additional companies in need of research solutions and has cemented our reputation with our existing clients. Our firm has also established many processes and business protocols by working with a company of Nielsen’s magnitude. This has benefitted us both internally and externally with clients to provide them with the best possible research solutions for their individual needs.

Q. What advice would you give other diverse owned businesses seeking to do business with a major corporation?

A. The advice we would offer to other diverse owned businesses is to always remember the value that you bring to large corporations. Diversity provides a different point of view and we believe strongly that this is a distinguishing characteristic of our business. Being a certified woman-owned and lead organization offers many opportunities. We offer a consistent approach, detailed process, and outstanding customer service that has allowed us to grow to an industry leader and has opened up many doors. Large corporations expect the best, regardless of the diversity ownership, so we never take that for granted and strive to be the best provider and partner to all of our clients and we would encourage other diverse owned businesses to do the same.