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Supplier Diversity Spotlight


Sareet Majumdar, Owner/President

Q. How long have you been in business with Nielsen?

A: The business we have been doing with Nielsen pre-dates my arrival at the company, but I believe it extends back to the early 1990’s, just a few years after we started.

Q. Provide a brief description of the primary service(s) ICTC provides to Nielsen.

A: We are a subcontract manufacturer for Nielsen set-top boxes, cables and accessories, and have dedicated an entire facility in Brooksville, FL to support Nielsen’s set-top box platforms.

Q. What are some of the non-monetary benefits of working with our company?

A: Our partnership with Nielsen has helped us in both quality and finances. The Nielsen support team is available to us to give us structural assistance and this has come in the form of developing kaizen programs and supporting our financial management.

Q. What advice would you give other diverse owned businesses seeking to do business with a major corporation?

A: If they truly have a minority business support program, dive in head first. Nielsen has really shown a commitment to support and help us grow our business. They don’t just put something in a catalog. They send people to you, assist you in growing and supporting them. It’s truly been a great opportunity for us, and we cherish that special relationship.