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Supplier Diversity Spotlight


Heather Sanderson, CEO

Q. How long have you been in business with Nielsen?

A. Overture was awarded Preferred Supplier status by Nielsen in April 2013 after an extensive RFP process.

Q. Provide a brief description of the primary service(s) your company provides to Nielsen.

A. Overture helps Nielsen manage, protect, and enhance its significant brand equity in the marketplace. This is accomplished through the use of branded merchandise that is made available via an online company store as well as through a dedicated account team that creates customized solutions on a project-by-project basis. Nielsen branded products are available for individual employees and corporate/business initiatives.

Q. What are some of the non-monetary benefits of working with our company?

A. Nielsen is a globally recognized, trusted brand and being associated with you makes us a better company. We have found Nielsen to be full of smart, fun, energetic people that have a sincere passion towards the Nielsen brand and our partnership together. As a result, we have the pleasure of working with many great people on a daily basis that approach their days as a welcome challenge rather than an obligation. Along with that spirit and attitude, Overture has been able to implement many of Nielsen’s innovative ideas and best practices to improve our own organization. It is exciting for us to work with such a continuously evolving company and we continue to learn through our partnership.

Q. What advice would you give other diverse owned businesses seeking to do business with a major corporation?

A. Stand on your own! Regardless of the diverse designation, the number one thing a major corporation needs is a partner that can both handle the volume of people, business, and challenges presented on a daily basis as well as execute and deliver flawlessly. Organizations like Nielsen need to be able to trust and delegate responsibilities to their chosen partners – that is the reason we are brought in, as experts in our field. At the same time do not shy away from your diversity, embrace it. Be active and visible within your local and national diversity chapters. Live/support/practice diversity through sourcing to diverse companies and paying it forward. It is the right thing to do and from a business standpoint can also help that major corporation recognize tier 1 and tier 2 spend.