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Supplier Diversity Spotlight – Doug Harris

Q: What is a brief description of the services that Kaleidoscope Group will provide for Nielsen?

A: The specific services that we are providing for Nielsen are in the area of Foundational Education at all levels.  This training will be delivered via Instructor-led and eLearning. In addition, we are a strategic partner and support to the D&I Office/leader as well as provide consulting and education support to the Business Resource Groups.

Q: What are some of the non-monetary benefits of working with Nielsen?

A:Enhancement of the Kaleidoscope brand to serve a dynamic global company. Nielsen is a global organization with a genuine commitment to quality. They have high expectations of their consultants, but they support their vendors and work collaboratively to achieve results. The Nielsen Partnership has helped our organization grow and enhance our solutions. This fits nicely in alignment with our corporate goal to provide continuous development for all of our staff and associates.

In addition, partnering with an organization like Nielsen provides the opportunity to expand our organizations knowledge in the area of multicultural demographic data, which is an ancillary benefit to all of our clients. Together with our expertise in diversity and inclusion competence and Nielsen’s leadership in market research, the possibilities are endless.

We gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that we are having a genuine impact in enhancing the stakeholder’s of Nielsen to serve their constituents in a cultural competent manner.

Q: What advice would you give other MWBE’s seeking to do business with a major corporation?

A: Be diligent in your efforts to present your services. Understand the key objectives and desired outcomes of all the buyers. Identify your unique outlook and value proposition, and clearly articulate it. Focus on developing relationships with the key decision-makers. Be flexible and competitive to create a financial win- win situation for both organizations. Build a strong business case for your services– make sure it is in alignment with your client’s corporate objectives. And, patience, patience, patience…