Retail Measurement Services


The Ultimate Guide to Nielsen Retail Measurement Services

Retail Measurement Process


How Nielsen Establishes a Retail Universe

This video explores the steps involved in establishing a retail universe.

Video length: (3 minutes 53 seconds)

How Nielsen Designs a Representative Sample of Your Retail Market

This video covers how a representative sample is designed, challenges associated with sample design and how they are addressed in order to provide quality data.

Video length:(2 minutes 32 seconds)

How Nielsen Collects Data

This video explains how data is collected, exploring the two primary data collection methods.

Video length: (1 minute 58 seconds)

How Nielsen Provides You with a Comprehensive View of Your Retail Market

This video explores how data is expanded to the universe, in order to reflect a more comprehensive view of your retail market before it’s provided to you.

Video length: (2 minutes 5 seconds)

Combine RMS & CPS for a Total Market View

Watch this video to learn how Nielsen’s RMS & CPS datasets work together to create a total market view.

Video length: (3 minutes 28 seconds)

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JOB AID: Calculations Used in the RMS Process

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