Grabix is a web-based application, marrying Nielsen’s minute-by-minute television ratings to actual audio and video content. It allows users to: See which elements of your program content retain viewers, or drive them away; Capture ratings for each individual program segment across demographics; Document successes and points of improvement for use in future telecasts; Determine which competitive stations or networks your viewers interact with; Search closed captioned audio mentions for prospective guests or special appearances; and Share findings via PDF, Excel or Email.


This document contains frequently asked questions as well as answers for how to resolve them.

Report Guides

This guide covers General Analysis, Cross Market Program Analysis, Show Local Competition, Cross Demo Program Analysis, Graphing selections, Segment Report, Multi-Program Report and how to download data.

This guide covers the Segmentation which includes creating a project, managing a project, analyzing a project and the average segment report.

Software Tips

This tip provides uses with instructions for resetting passwords..

This tip provides users with information on how to create a variety of Alerts.

This feature allows you to view an aggregate of gains and losses for a particular program or segment of a program over time.

This tip provides users with the difference between a Minute by Minute report and an Overnight report.

This tip provides users with information on two ways to search, by word or time period.

This tip provides users with a method to compare Nielsen ratings with Third-Party ratings data in a graph.

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