This documents covers basic facts about PRIME Lingo.

Information on Nielsen Scarborough’s in-depth local market insights and suite of services.

Training Guide

This 58 page document compiles all training materials into one PDF.

Software Basics

Learn the differences between Average and Cume Audience with definitions, calculations and examples.

Learn how to manage documents using the Documents Explorer.

Prime Lingo Login and Default selections such as study, password, and report preferences.

Guide to interpreting data on your Profile, Crosstab, and Trender Reports.

How to build presentation ready one-sheet reports in a few quick steps.

How to build Profile or TV Ranker reports in a few quick steps.

Using Reports

How to create graphs within Report Builder.

Create your own custom definitions quickly with a few clicks.

The Opportunity Report allows you to quickly profile and sort your audience or target group based on the strengths or weaknesses for selected categories or the entire Scarborough database.

How to construct and analyze media schedules. Statistics provided include Reach, Frequency, and Cost-effectiveness. This guide also shows how to read analyses.

Comprehensive guide to building reports in Report Builder, as well as Report formatting options within those reports.

Using Tools

How to add, modify, or delete users in your company.

Build custom definitions with simple or advanced logic, while saving, adding to reports, and organizing for future use.

Build custom tv dayparts to add to reports, save, or organize for future use.

Use Custom Definitions to create a group of people who only watched your station or daypart.

Definitions and details about how to set the sample reliability indicators.

How to use the Cloud to share documents, custom definitions, custom trade areas and custom TV dayparts beyond your workgroup.

Learning Paths

Course Catalog

Upcoming Classes