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Latest Consumer Insights and Trends


In an increasingly digital media landscape, brands need to protect themselves from unintentionally funding anti-Asian hate speech in the wake of COVID-19.



There are signs of a rebound across sectors, but that doesn’t alleviate the need for marketers to stay focused on the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

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In this on-demand summit, senior industry experts and Nielsen leaders share the latest thought leadership and measurement advances in connected TV.

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By Charlene Polite Corley, VP, Diverse Insights and Partnerships

Limiting the narrative around Black achievement still plays out in media today. As viewers, content creators, storytellers and journalists, we can demand more for and of ourselves to expand the African American narrative.

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As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads around the globe, we’re monitoring key consumer behaviors to help FMCG brands, retailers and media companies understand the status of each market, as well as how to best respond.

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Ratings Academy

This interactive portal explains the types of media consumers access, how we measure engagement with that media and how we derive our ratings.

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