2009 Industry Outlook The Rise Of 3D Movies

2009 Industry Outlook The Rise Of 3D Movies

Nielsen Consumer Insight has issued its 2009 Industry Outlook, covering everything from book sales to mobile phones. Up first is a look at how 3D movies are likely to fare as families are likely to keep a tight reign on their budgets in 2009. Movie theaters may prove to be the exception.  Why? Consumers appear to love 3D films. In fact, gross sales increased over 60% for films exhibited in 3D as compared to traditional film, and this increase is due to higher prices and higher attendance. With over a 1,000 3D theaters already in the U.S. and with studios helping to fund the transition from 35MM to 3D, 2009 is looking particularly good. In fact, with as many as 11 major movie releases expected to hit the screens in 2009, including James Cameron’s Avatar this is bound to have the cinemas seeing green.

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