Advertisers Increasingly Turn To Public Pranks

Advertisers Increasingly Turn To Public Pranks

Advertisers are increasingly employing creative publicity stunts to get consumers’ attention, The New York Times reported Friday.

Recent outdoor campaigns that drew notice include a glass elevator in Manhattan painted to look like a giant Oreo dunking into a glass of milk and “pitvertising” in London by Right Guard. 

Such high-profile public pranks may be par for the course in an era defined by ad-savvy, often distracted consumers, Pete Blackshaw, Executive Vice President of Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online, told the Times.

“Advertisers are being pushed to creative extremes, partly because it’s just so difficult to get consumers’ attention these days,” Blackshaw said. “It may just be a flash of brilliance that everyone pays attention to, and it gets that huge return, but it’s very difficult to replicate on a regular basis.”