Advertising in Spanish-Language Media Up Slightly

Advertising in Spanish-Language Media Up Slightly

In 2007, U.S. advertisers placed $5.78 billion of advertising in Spanish-language media, according to a report issued Thursday by Nielsen’s Monitor-Plus advertising service.

That’s a 3% increase over the $5.63 billion spent on Spanish-language media in 2006.  Overall in 2007, U.S. advertising spending rose 0.6% over 2006.

Broadcast Media Partners Inc. (Univision’s parent company), which spent $205.9 million on advertising in 2007, was the largest advertiser across all Spanish-language media.  Lexicon marketing, which increased its ad spending by 38% from 2006 to 2007, showed the largest percentage increase.

The Automotive category, which spent just over $659.4 million advertising in Spanish-language media, had by far the most spending last year — more than doubling the dollar amount spent by the number two category, Wireless Telephone Services ($313.6 million).  Among the top ten categories, the Wireless category showed the largest percentage increase (+35%).

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