Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Seeks Post-Games Sponsors

Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Seeks Post-Games Sponsors

A handful of multinational companies are competing for the rights to put their corporate name on Beijing’s iconic “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium following the Olympics, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The move comes with some risk, the Journal noted, citing a Starbucks in Beijing’s Forbidden City that was forced to close after Chinese bloggers argued it was inappropriate to put the cafe inside a national treasure.

But National Stadium Co., which manages the “Bird’s Nest,” has already considered that.  The company told the Journal that a recent survey conducted by Nielsen found 70% of people in five major Chinese cities accepted the idea of recruiting corporate sponsorship for the stadium.

The story also noted that 84% of Chinese in the same five major cities say they plan to visit the “Bird’s Nest” after the Olympics, according to Nielsen.