Cord-Cutting Frontiers Mobile Data Cards At Home

Cord-Cutting Frontiers Mobile Data Cards At Home

Mobile data cards are no longer just for business travelers, a report released Tuesday by Nielsen Mobile reveals.

Of the 13 million mobile data card users in the U.S. as of Q2 2008, 43% most often use their data card at home, while 15% typically use the card at work, and just 9% use their card while commuting. 

Most of the 1,300 mobile card users Nielsen surveyed (99%) have kept their home Internet service providers, but 59% are considering swapping their cable, DSL, and other wired Interent service for exclusive data card use. 

“As carriers continue to promote mobile data cards and expand their network coverage, mobile data cards will play an increasingly important role in home Internet access,” Nic Covey, Director of Insights, Nielsen Mobile, noted.  “Consumers don’t like to pay for the same thing twice, and so certain segments of consumers will consider these data cards as an exchangeable alternative as speeds increase.  It’s the next frontier of cord cutting.”

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