ESPN’s Biggest Fans Follow Sports Via TV And The Web

ESPN’s Biggest Fans Follow Sports Via TV And The Web

ESPN enthusiasts like their sports — and the more they watch sports, the more ways they follow it.

Sports fans who watched both ESPN and used spent 27% more time watching ESPN TV than TV-only users — and 50% more time using than Internet-only viewers, according to a recent study of ESPN fans’ cross-platform media consumption habits by Nielsen Connections.

Pete Doe, Managing Director, Nielsen Connections, and Glenn Enoch, Vice President, Audience Research, ESPN, reported the findings of that research in the September issue of Nielsen’s “Consumer Insight” online newsletter.

Overall, 123 million people accessed ESPN on TV and another 21 million visited in March 2008, according to Nielsen.  Among households with either TV or Internet access, 84% of users who accessed ESPN content via TV, 10% used both Internet and TV, and 6% used exclusively, Nielsen found. 

Nielsen’s custom research for ESPN used TV/Internet data fusion techniques, paired with Nielsen’s single-source Convergence Panel, to track how ESPN fans access the network’s offerings via TV and the Web. 

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