In November, Sports Websites Continue Audience Surge

In November, Sports Websites Continue Audience Surge

More than 78 million Americans visited sports websites in November, a 5% increase over the same month last year. 


Yahoo! Sports was the top sports site, drawing nearly 23 million unique visitors last month — a 2% jump from a year ago.  In November, the average Yahoo! Sports user spent 20% more time on the site, compared to last year. placed second in Nielsen’s ranking, but showed the greatest increase in unique visitors (+12%).  ESPN’s users also logged on for 20% more sessions last month than in November 2007.


NFL Internet Network, FOX Sports on MSN, and CBS Sports rounded out the top five.

Top 5 U.S. Sports Websites: November 2008

Rank Website Unique Visitors % Change


November 2007

1 Yahoo! Sports 22,788,000 2%
2 ESPN 22,198,000 12%
3 NFL Internet Network 14,072,000 0%
4 FOX Sports on MSN 13,766,000 -10%
5 CBS Sports 12,939,000 -7%
  All U.S. Sports Websites 78,499,000 5%
Source: The Nielsen Company (November 2007 and November 2008).

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