In-Theater Advertising A Segment-By-Segment Approach

In-Theater Advertising A Segment-By-Segment Approach

It’s no secret that individual film genres attract very specific audiences. Chick flicks, like the “Nanny Diaries,” typically resonate strongly with women, while action films, like “3:10 to Yuma,” usually appeal strongly to men.

For advertisers trying to reach target audiences, understanding which film types attract specific consumers can make or break an advertising campaign.

In response, Nielsen PreView analyzed 400 recent movies to identify 11 key movie consumer segments.

Nielsen’s “Tent Pole” segment, for example, attracts viewers from all demographic segments. Popular family and action films, like “Spider-Man 3,” typify this segment. Advertisers trying to reach a broad audience would benefit from advertising before these films.

In contrast, Nielsen’s “Low Profile Chick Flick” movie segment, which includes movies like “Gracie,” attracts a predominantly female audience. Advertising during these types of movies will likely reach females under age 25.

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