McCain’s Olympics TV Ads More Effective Than Obama’s

McCain’s Olympics TV Ads More Effective Than Obama’s

Senators McCain and Obama spent about the same on Olympics TV advertising — between $5 and $6 million, Adweek reported Monday.

But McCain got much more bang for his advertising bucks, according to an analysis by Nielsen IAG.

Nielsen’s survey of 1,600 likely general election voters who watched the Beijing Games found that McCain’s Olympic ads more effectively communicated a basic message, were recalled by more viewers, and triggered a larger intent-to-vote increase among viewers than ads run by Obama’s campaign. 

On average, the two McCain ads that were surveyed — “Celebrity” and “Washington’s Broken” — were recalled by 52% of those polled.  In comparison, just 40% recalled Obama’s two ads, “Hands That Built This Nation” and “It Begins With a Plan.”

That huge lead in general recall translated into a 10% net boost in intent to vote for McCain, while Obama received only a 7% lift from his Olympics TV ads.

There was some good news for Obama — his Olympics ads were apparently “more likable” than McCain’s.  Forty-five percent of Nielsen respondents said they liked Obama’s Olympics ads, while just 33% said they liked McCain’s.