Nielsen, IMMI Release First Ever Out-Of-Home TV Ratings

Nielsen, IMMI Release First Ever Out-Of-Home TV Ratings

FOX’s “House” and ESPN’s “Home Run Derby” are the most popular primetime programs on broadcast and cable, respectively, among U.S. TV viewers watching from their offices, fitness clubs, hotels, and bars.

In July, each show drew 570,000 out-of-home viewers, according to Nielsen and Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI), which recently began delivering the first daily, all-electronic, national TV ratings for viewing that occurs outside of the home.

Nielsen and IMMI’s new syndicated, national service relies on a sample of 2,500 panelists that is separate from Nielsen’s National People Meter sample.

Later this year Nielsen and IMMI plan to deliver local out-of-home services in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and Denver.

Panel members’ out-of-home TV viewing is measured by specialized mobile phones they carry wherever they go.  The mobile phones are equipped with technology that creates digital signatures for all audio media (television, radio, and movies) to which they are exposed.  IMMI then matches these with audio signatures collected from actual telecasts.

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