Uncommitted Voters More Engaged By RNC Telecasts

Uncommitted Voters More Engaged By RNC Telecasts

Voters not yet committed to either candidate were 12% more engaged by TV coverage of the GOP convention than the Democratic convention, according to an analysis released Monday by Nielsen IAG.

“Engagement” refers to the amount of attention paid to a television program by the average viewer.  Nielsen measures TV engagement by questioning a representative panel of viewers about their recall of specific telecasts’ content.

John McCain’s acceptance speech on September 4 drew the most attentive audience of uncommitted viewers, Nielsen reported.  Telecasts of Barack Obama’s and Sarah Palin’s acceptance speeches on August 28 and September 3, respectively, tied in second place as the second most engaging telecasts among uncommitted viewers.

Overall, viewers were more engaged by the telecasts of the RNC vs. the DNC.  Registered voters were 10% more engaged by the RNC than the DNC, while likely voters were 12% more engaged in RNC viewing. 

Male viewers were among the most attentive RNC viewers (15% higher engagement with RNC than DNC), as were older viewers, ages 35 and older, who were 13% more engaged by the RNC than the DNC. 

In contrast, younger viewers, ages 18 to 34, were 13% more engaged by the DNC, as compared with the RNC.

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