WALL-E Cleans Up Box Office Universe

WALL-E Cleans Up Box Office Universe

With an estimated $62.5 million estimated take over the weekend, the Disney/Pixar animated film “Wall-E,” topped the charts, helping fuel a strong earnings year overall. According to The Hollywood Reporter, year-to-date earnings in 2008 have slightly eclipsed those from the same 2007 period: $4.62 billion vs. $4.6 billion.

The “WALL-E” debut was the fourth-biggest ever for Pixar, compared to a $70.5 million take for 2004’s “The Incredibles,” the $70.3 million opening for 2003’s “Finding Nemo” and a $62.6 million debut for  2001’s “Monsters, Inc.”

Additional updates and results at The Hollywood Reporter.

TOP FIVE WEEKEND BOX OFFICE RESULTS (results in millions of dollars)

  1. WALL-E $62.5
  2. WANTED $51.1
  3. GET SMART $20.0
  4. KUNG FU PANDA $11.7