China Posts 17 Percent Ad Spend Growth In 2008

China Posts 17 Percent Ad Spend Growth In 2008

Despite hosting the Beijing Olympics, ad spending in China grew 17 percent in 2008, up from the 15 percent growth in 2007, but below the 23 percent growth posted in 2006, according to Nielsen. The total ad spend was 520.3 billion Yuan, or US$74.3 billion.

“The Olympics didn’t deliver the advertising boon everyone expected, as the bulk of China’s advertisers took an ad break during August, resulting in a monthly ad spend figure close to 2007 levels, and not much higher than in May, when the Sichuan earthquake hit and advertising was suspended for three days,” said Jed Meyer, Managing Director, Media Services, Nielsen Greater China.

Television took 83 percent of the total spend, with newspapers and magazines taking 15 and 2 percent respectively.

Medicine/health care products was the top category advertised, followed by cosmetics, beverages, commerce/industry and food products. Tourism advertising jumped 56 percent in the year, due mostly to the Olympics.

The top five brands advertised in 2008 were:

1)      Olay

2)      KFC

3)      Sanjing Pharmaceutical

4)      L’Oreal

5)      China Mobile

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