Hispanics More Likley To Download Music And Digital Content

Hispanics More Likley To Download Music And Digital Content

Hispanic Internet users are avid downloaders of digital content, according to consumer and media research firm Scarborough Research, a joint partnership between Arbitron and The Nielsen Company.

The study found that Hispanic Internet users are 21% more likely to download digital content than the average adult online. Forty-two percent of Hispanic Internet Users have downloaded some form of digital content during the past 30 days, compared to 35% of the total Internet population. Music is the top download category for both Hispanics and the total Internet population. Almost one-third (32%) of Hispanic Internet users and almost one-quarter (24%) of all Internet users have downloaded music during the past month.

“Increased high-speed Internet access among Hispanics is opening the door for online businesses to establish brand loyalty with this consumer group,” said Gary Meo, senior vice president of digital media services, Scarborough Research. “Offering Hispanics new and creative ways to interact with a brand online – particularly via downloaded digital content – could go a long way in successfully marketing to the Hispanic adult.”

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