Long-term Online Advertising Partners Webinar Preview

Long-term Online Advertising Partners Webinar Preview

Jon Gibs, Nielsen Online,

For today’s webinar, “All Brand Advertisers Are Not Created Equal: Attracting and Retaining Brand Advertisers to the Web” Nielsen Online CEO, John Burbank and I will talk about the changing nature of online advertising, a new way to look at advertisers, and the attributes of the sites that are doing the best job of attracting long-term partners. As a bit of a preview, I wanted to briefly discuss the subject of long-term partners. When we take a look at Fortune 1000 advertisers and their advertising habits online, it seems like we have two groups: periodic advertisers and long-term advertisers. The good news is that we appear to have a pretty consistent bunch of advertisers overall. About 57% of Fortune 1,000 advertisers have advertised online in at least half of the quarters from the past 3 years.

Percent of Fortune 1,000 Companies, Quarters of Consecutive Online Advertising

While this number could certainly be better, it could also be much worse – particularly given the fact that a good number of the Fortune 1,000 (33%) have advertised online consecutively for the past 12 quarters (though clearly their dollars have not been at the levels we’d like).

But there is a downside. When we take a look at the Q4 distribution of the number of sites that the Fortune 1,000 advertised on, 20% are advertising on more than 32 sites.

Number of Sites that Fortune 1,000 Companies Advertised on, Q4 2008

You may well say, “But Jon, 38% are only advertising on one or two sites. That’s good news. Why do you always have to be such a cynic?” There are two answers to that, first, I’m a professional analyst, my job is to be a cynic. Second, and much more importantly, most of those advertisers that are only on 1 or 2 sites tend to have fairly small spends. Also, the 20% is increasing, and has been for the past two years and finally, the “up” part of the 32 and up goes well into the 1,000s.

So if you’re a publisher, what are you to do? We’ll it’s a good thing we’re having a webinar on Friday that will answer just that question. Please listen in. It looks like we’re going to have a good lively audience with plenty of time for questions. And who doesn’t love playing stump the analyst?

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