Matrimonial Web Sites Top Indian Online Advertising

Matrimonial Web Sites Top Indian Online Advertising

From June to August 2009, Indian companies launched 3,778 online display ad campaigns, and of those, 13 percent were from personals or matrimonial web sites, according to a new report from The Nielsen Company.  Travel booking and educational web sites rounded out the top three.   The top two advertisers in terms of the number of campaigns were Consim (8% of total campaigns) and People Interactive (4%), both in the matrimonial and personals business. MakeMy Trip was the leading travel site while Amity University topped the education category.

“Display advertising is expected to substantially expand in India as Internet penetration accelerates as well as the lower costs involved in advertising online.  It is an industry that has seen rapid growth in the past couple of years and has the potential to give traditional forms of advertising a run for their money,” said Karthik Nagarajan, Associate Director, Online Division at Nielsen.

Top Five Sectors in Online Advertising, June-August 2009

Top 5 Sectors Number of Campaigns %
Personals/Matrimonial 497 13%
Travel Booking Services 320 8%
Education 288 8%
Consumer Information 241 6%
Employment 168 4%
Source: The Nielsen Company