Measuring Buzz to Impact the Business and Drive ROI

Measuring Buzz to Impact the Business and Drive ROI

Alex Burmaster

Last month, we were honored to win a ‘BOBI’ award for “Most Innovative Approach” from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association for our recent work with Pfizer. Their challenge was to monitor what consumers were saying online about Champix, the company’s smoking cessation aid, and to that end, we created a research methodology using our BuzzMetrics solutions.

Whilst winning is, of course, fantastic, what was most important for us was that the client was so happy with the work that they submitted us for the award in the first place.

What’s so unique about helping a brand monitor understand what’s being said in the CGM space? Well, the prescription healthcare industry faces unique regulations from the European Union, which have resource implications that effectively prohibit pharmaceutical companies from benefiting from the consumer-generated realm. The regulations center around the requirement of pharma companies to “make every effort” to follow up on all ‘Adverse Events’ – consumer comments around experiences not intended by the drug or its usage – including contacting the consumer concerned, as well as notifying the Drug Safety Group.

We created a bespoke research methodology using BuzzMetrics that was able to comply with these regulations as well as provide a unique new source of business intelligence for Pfizer. According to the judges, our solution was “a unanimous and clear winner” and demonstrated innovation in two ways: by overcoming daunting internal challenges to the research and delivering a pragmatic, practical solution and by leveraging an emerging methodology to monitor online consumer discussions.

Michael Goff, Business Intelligence Manager, Pfizer U.K had this to say about the Buzz solution: “Apart from the obvious relevance for our brand, the general value to the pharmaceutical industry of understanding consumers’ opinions of prescription medicines is evident for all to see. The research offered us the opportunity to understand what consumers were hearing about our brand, how this was being interpreted, and what impression of the brand was being created on-line for potential future users. Its most obvious business impact was that a potentially expensive marketing program was demonstrated not to be necessary.”

Ultimately, this project to measure buzz has brought new light to Pfizer in terms of an ongoing understanding of all areas of drug products and uses – a veritable goldmine they can tap into to help improve their strategy, marketing, consumer insights and many other critical areas of the business.

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