Movie-themed Video Games Transforming the Industry

Movie-themed Video Games Transforming the Industry

Summer blockbuster season is in full swing, bringing with it video games tied to the latest cinematic franchises. Additionally, this spring and summer features game releases that are offshoots of the classic Batman, Ghostbusters and The Godfather franchises. Though dismissed in the past, movie games are garnering more attention in the entertainment industry as studios look to leverage the value of their franchises.

According to recent data from Nielsen’s Video Game Tracking survey, movie-themed games are driving substantial purchase interest among gamers. X-Men Origins: Wolverine tops the list in terms of total positive purchase interest (definitely or probably interested in buying) for the week of its release. It is joined at the top by several other franchises with large box office releases including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Terminator Salvation. Looking back a few months, Godfather II scored well relative to others to take second place despite the fact that the movie was released in 1974. Looking ahead, Batman: Arkham Asylum is tied for fifth place but is two months away from release at the end of August. Purchase interest will likely increase to perhaps eclipse all others on this list by the end of the summer. The much anticipated Ghostbusters: The Video Game based on the classic film was released last week and ranked fourth in purchase interest but outpaced all other titles in share of online buzz.

Nearly a quarter of all movie-related video game buzz over the last 60 days is attributed to Ghostbusters, which was released on June 16. Titles related to summer blockbuster hits also generate moderate buzz, with Terminator: Salvation and X-Men Origins: Wolverine getting roughly equal attention in discussion online. Godfather II’s low share of conversation is likely because of the timeframe of this analysis, which goes back to late April which is after the game was released. Several movie-related games geared to a younger audience, including Hannah Montana: The Movie, Night at the Museum 2 and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur, generated less buzz than their counterparts.