Nielsen Executives Discuss The DTV Transition

Nielsen Executives Discuss The DTV Transition

As Americans prepare for the shift to digital television, Nielsen has been at the forefront of tracking the public’s readiness for the change.  As the February 17 transition approaches, new attention has been focused on the sizeable number of people, particularly from minority communities, who have not yet taken action to prepare and may lose their signals.

Two Nielsen executives, Susan Whiting, Vice Chairman of the company, and Anne Elliot, a Vice President, spoke with the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, respectively, about the preparedness of some communities and audiences.

LA Times ~ 01/16/09: Few organizations have more influence over television broadcasting than the Nielsen Co., whose panels of viewers supply the ratings that help determine what advertisers pay for their commercial slots. Now, Nielsen is helping shape the debate over TV technology — in particular, the transition to digital. Using knowledge gained from its panels, the company has tracked how well prepared viewers are for the mid-February cut-off of analog channels. – full story