Power Moms Gravitate Towards Kid-Friendly Video Content

Power Moms Gravitate Towards Kid-Friendly Video Content

We have seen that many “Power Moms,” women 25-54 with at least one child, are using the Web to provide information and advice, as well as to build relationships with other parents. They are also becoming increasingly engaged with online video. In February 2009, 13.1 million Power Moms, 10 percent of all online video viewers, viewed video content online.

Sites like, where well-known mom bloggers create video conversations, and where moms contribute vlogs, speak to a broader trend of receptivity of video content among Power Moms.

Interestingly, among the top 10 Web sites ranked by unique viewer composition percent in February, eight were sites featuring predominantly children’s programming, indicating that moms are keeping up on what their kids watch online. PBS Kids was the number one online destination for Power Moms, with a composition percent of 24.5, while Noggin and NickJr took the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, with composition percents of 22.2 and 21.7, respectively.

Top 10 Online Destinations for “Power Moms”* by Unique Viewer Composition Percent
Site Unique Viewer

Composition Percent

Unique Viewers
PBS Kids 24.5 241,000
Noggin 22.2 121,000
NickJr 21.7 492,000
Playhouse Disney 20.7 199,000
Kohl’s 18.3 203,000 17.8 710,000
PBS 17.4 125,000 17.2 689,000
Disney Records 16.7 155,000
Nick 16.2 415,000
Source: Nielsen VideoCensus, U.S., Home and Work, February 2009

*Women 25-54 with at least one child in the household

**Sites with a minimum of 100k unique visitors

“Many of the sites that Power Moms visit are brands that are respected both online and offline. Moms flock to publishers they trust because they know they will find appropriate content that will entertain and engage their kids,” said Jessica Hogue, research director, CPG, Nielsen Online.

These results demonstrate the importance of winning over not only children, but also parents in the competition for brand loyalty. They also show that even online a mother’s job is never done.