Real-Time Focus Group Grades Obama’s Press Conference

Real-Time Focus Group Grades Obama’s Press Conference

Using dial meters to track their approval in real time, a group of self-identified Democrats, Republicans, and Independents rated President Barack Obama’s March 24, primetime press conference. Responses were generally split down party lines on major themes and interestingly on the AIG exchange between CNN’s Ed Henry. Those who identified as Republicans spiked with the question and dropped at the President’s response, Democrats dropped at the question and spiked at the President’s terse “I like to know what I’m taking about…” response.

Video: Obama And CNN’s Ed Henry

Other Findings

  • Based on questions posed before and after the press conference regarding confidence in the President’s plan, Republicans and Democrats remained generally unmoved, but Independents were swayed in a more positive direction.
  • Inheriting deficit is a sore spot with Republicans
  • Both parties agreed criticism of President Obama was not about race

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