Recession Turns Boomers Into Perfect Catch For Advertisers

Recession Turns Boomers Into Perfect Catch For Advertisers

Baby Boomers may be the perfect catch for advertisers in this unstable economy, according to new research from Nielsen.  Not only are Baby Boomers spending the lion’s share of consumer packaged goods, but are also watching more TV and spending more time on the Internet than Millenials age 18-44. Boomers watch 39 hours of TV per week compared to only 27 hours a week for Millenials.   Boomers also use the Internet almost 7 hours per week compared to 6 hours a week those for those 18-44.  Read the full study here.

More proof that Boomers should be looked at by advertisers is Nielsen research from January which shows baby boomer households represented more than 50% of sales in 98 of 122 consumer packaged goods (CPG) product categories analyzed in a recent report by Nielsen and the Hallmark Channel.  That adds up to almost $200 billion in total sales in those categories.

In the New York Times today, Nielsen’s Howard Shimmel said, “Especially in this economy, with marketers’ budgets under so much stress, advertisers would prefer to spend dollars on today’s sales instead of thinking about establishing brand loyalty.”

Read the full article in the New York Times.