Technology Expands, But TV Continues To Rule

Technology Expands, But TV Continues To Rule

Despite the proliferation of mobile devices and online video, television continues to capture the most viewers, according to recent Nielsen research.  But how people are watching television has evolved and it is these advances that have made TV more relevant than ever.  They aren’t necessarily “watching TV” on TV – they are increasingly likely to watch TV programs on the Internet or on their cell phones, according to an article in the The New York Times.

The average U.S. household has 2.7 people and 2.9 TVs.  For the quarter ended September 2008, the average American watched 142 hours of TV per month, an increase of five hours from the same period in 2007.  Average Internet usage also increased, to an average of 27 hours per month.

So how has TV managed to maintain its lead? The variety of channels available on cable and satellite is clearly one factor.  There’s a network for virtually every interest.  Second, programming produced for TV is driving growth in other channels like the Internet and mobile.  The ability to download TV shows from iTunes or stream from or TV network site has enabled fans to watch their favorite programs when and where they want.