The Future Of News Your Thoughts

The Future Of News Your Thoughts

Nielsen Online analyst Jon Gibs takes a look at the news and newspaper industry in his latest post and welcomes your input.

“The economic situation we’re in has had many casualties, banks, the housing market, free soda, the works. But one of the most notable has been newspapers. I’ve posted in the past on the fate of the Christian Science Monitor, and the Rocky Mountain News has now said its goodbye as well. I think it is safe to say that these are not the end of a trend; they are the first casualties of a much longer downward decline… …I would like to invite all of the members of this community to post their ideas on the future of news, particularly as it is related to emerging media (i.e. not TV). I’d like to start by giving an example from the New York Times online. They have provided an interactive map taking a look at immigration patterns into the US over the past 120 years. What I think is impressive is that they have made this the centerpiece for ongoing online discussions among readers; they have journalists write pieces about the trends and they have op-ed writing columns. They are integrating all of the strengths a news source can provide: great data collection, objective reporting, opinion, and adding social media.”

Read the whole post to submit your thoughts on the future of news.