The Impact Of Value-Themed Ads

The Impact Of Value-Themed Ads

For more than a year, the U.S. consumer hit by the recession has changed the way he or she shops: a focus on value for money has led to some dramatic shifts in behavior that some say will last far beyond the current economic environment.  With 80 percent of Americans saying they were stressed due to the economy, savvy retailers and consumer goods manufacturers have shifted their marketing to appeal to consumers watching their money more closely.  But have those ads been successful?  Nielsen IAG examined 67 such ads from 11 national advertisers and found that the same creative attributes that make for good advertising also make for good value messaging.

In short, value-message and recession-themed ads did not break through TV ad clutter at higher than ordinary rates.  In fact, ad recall of the 67 ads evaluated was at rates lower than historical averages for the 11 advertisers.  Packaged goods manufacturers saw no decline, while retailers registered minor declines.  Financial service, insurance, auto and telecom advertisers posted significant declines. 

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