Webinar The Digital Lives of Power Moms

Webinar The Digital Lives of Power Moms

What does a “Day in the Life” of a technologically savvy mom look like?

Nielsen Online recently hosted a webinar (listen and follow along below) focused on Power Moms based on the recently launched “Power Moms Initiative” in conjunction with Nielsen Life360. The goal was to get a more intimate view of moms’ use of digital tools through groundbreaking video ethnographic research. As part of the study, a select group of women from around the country revealed how they use their “digital toolkits” to juggle careers, manage demanding family schedules, streamline spending through online banking, coupon sites and retailer channels. The multitude of daily tasks now performed online are stitched together by more gratifying pursuits — offline hobbies that are now slowing taking place in online spheres from scrap-booking and photo-sharing to fitness programs — enabling digital moms to achieve new levels of connectivity and fulfillment from their online experiences.

The study employed a blend of online behavioral data, consumer generated media and videography that highlighted

  • Where moms are spending time online from portals to communities, and the applications most relevant to their mushrooming needs
  • The issues moms are discussing by listening to blogs and key discussion communities
  • How digital tools help them get it done, from finding bargains online to fundraising for important causes to managing small businesses
  • The contextual view of moms online content creation behaviors for insights into innovation opportunities

Listen to Nielsen’s recently presented Power Moms webinar below hosted by Jessica Hogue and Karen Benezra and follow along with the corresponding slides.

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