When Tiger Wins In Red, The Masters Sees Green

When Tiger Wins In Red, The Masters Sees Green

As the 2009 Masters gets underway this week, The Nielsen Company looks at the tournament’s final round ratings during the reign of Tiger Woods. Starting in 1997, when Woods won his first of four green jackets, his presence at the top of the leaderboard has been ratings gold.

Ratings For The Masters Golf Tournement: 1997-2008
Year Woods Result Viewers P2+
1997 Won 13,685,000
1998 T-8 9,957,000
1999 T-18 9,993,000
2000 5th 10,061,000
2001 Won 13,638,000
2002 Won 9,694,000
2003 T-15 8,811,000
2004 T-22 7,913,000
2005 Won 10,778,000
2006 T-3 9,298,000
2007 2nd 10,152,000
2008 T-2 9,711,000
Source: The Nielsen Company / All telecasts on CBS

In tournaments won by Tiger, CBS averages 11.9 million viewers during final round coverage. In each tournament since 1997 NOT won by Tiger, viewership for the final round drops 20% to an average of 9.5 million viewers.

In 2008 and in 2007, Woods finished second, keeping Tiger and his iconic red shirt in the mix for Sunday viewing. In those years, viewership was notably higher even than when fan favorite Phil Mickelson – arguably the PGA’s second biggest star – won in 2004 and 2006.